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(Slovensko) Družinsko fotografiranje: B + A + N


Family Photos: Maja + José Alberto + Elisa

The day after they were introduced in the cafeteria, Maja went downstairs to the first floor of faculty and knocked on the door as they agreed they wanted to see each other again. At that time she didn’t know that this simple everyday gatherings will lead the way to Australia ( to José Albert postdoctoral studies ) up to a small bay, where she will receive an engagement ring on her birthday and then planning a wedding in Spain, moving to France and giving birth to their babygirl Elisa.

I received her first email in 2012 and our written words were so alike. You know , the way you write, where you make a smiley face, how you say good bye… It is not irrelevant if acquaintance is based solely on typed letters. I knew she was getting married, I knew well when they are coming to Slovenia and for two years we tried to find a date when the actual meeting should happen. But until this year, we didn’t find such date and I am glad that it is so. Because now they are no longer two, they are three. A little family.

I admit, I didn’t understand such feelings before, I didn’t know what it means to have a few months old child who needs you and desperately wants you. Child who is lost without you. I wasn’t even close to understanding how much meaning such photographs are carring and how you get goose bumps every time you look at them and know only how fleeting time is, how fast they grow and how quickly ( if you’re not really present and here ) you can miss this or that detail. Every moment is important. So, so important.

This is the first time since being a mom, that I photographed a family and had such a small creature infront of my lens. At the same time I was stunned at how feelings awaked in me that I previously didn’t know or had. On the day when we had a photo sessionl the weather was so April like. We were planning on going to the center of Ljubljana, but the clouds, which were really stormy, made me reconsider our plan and change the location. I told them to meet me where I live first and later on we would go to town. We were outside for only ten, maybe fifteen minutes when it started to blow so heavily that the only thing I wanted was that small Elisa is warm and safe from wind. She was upset and I knew that she will be able to calm down only in a quiet, warm and comfortable environment, where she could feel her mother. It made the most sense to go to my apartment. Because they don’t live in Slovenia, I couldn’t photograph them at their home and so we used my tiny room. And we all enjoyed it so much!

José Alberto and Maja have a warm, peaceful energy. Their connection is earthly – secure, strong, reliable. It was so nice to see how loving and gentle they are with Elisa.

After Elisa calm down, she was playfully touching Maja’s’ hair. :) So lovely to see!

Fathers love. Beyond beautiful.

Maja, José Alberto and Elisa, I’m so glad to meet you. Thank you for a pleasant afternoon, where everything went throug so organic and natural. Thank you for being the first that re-introduced me to the world of photography, which is no longer identical to the previous. Thank you for new and beautiful feelings. Embrace to all three.

I wish you a great day!


Make up by Anja Skok.


Rudniško jezero, Engagement: Judita + Gorazd

When September arrived, the time to attend first high school classes came as well. There were a lot of girls among first grade students that the elderly students noticed right away. But Gorazd hadn’t just noticed her, he fell in love. He fell in love with Judita seeing her stroll down the hallways. Her blue eyes and a radiant smile brought a wish; a wish to be her man, the one that holds her hand, kisses her, embraces her. With such a strong wish he had no other choice but to try and get her number and ask her out. He went to speak to her brother, ask him for her phone number, and then wrote an honest message. It was as much an invitation as a declaration. Judita, although at first a bit reserved, agreed to go out on a date with him. And Gorazd planned it so perfectly, meeting her at the lake of Kočevje (he knew it then already :)) and giving her a yellow flower, that their story began then and there. And it still lasts. And very soon they will declare their eternal love for each other on exact same spot.

They chose the lake of Kočevje to be their venue of the engagement photo shoot as well. There we walked, talked about the wedding, searched for the best morning light. It was a beautiful morning stroll that ended with us rollerblading which was so much fun indeed. And I just love it when couples bring something of their own to diversify the photo shoot. I find it very exciting. It is such a pleasure working and taking photos when it is obvious that the couples themselves wish for the shoot to be really “theirs”.

They also changed their clothes which I absolutely love and believe is great because it allowed us to get a variety of amazing portraits in just about an hour. The morning colors were beautiful, from the washed-out to the warmer one. And I adore every single shade :).

I absolutely love the last two photographs because they capture exactly what love is made of; a wish, a longing for love, the eternal promise, and fidelity. Oooh, love! :) If you wish to see more, click on the slideshow or here for a larger format. I wish you all a very lovely day :).