my personal blog is filled with all my favourite things that form me as a person and a photographer. It is my own place that I share with you so that your decision for me as a (wedding) photographer leans on the fact that you've chosen a photographer you like not merely photographs you enjoy. Here I'll be sharing highlights of my work. Happy clicking around!


Rudniško jezero, Engagement: Judita + Gorazd

When September arrived, the time to attend first high school classes came as well. There were a lot of girls among first grade students that the elderly students noticed right away. But Gorazd hadn’t just noticed her, he fell in love. He fell in love with Judita seeing her stroll down the hallways. Her blue eyes and a radiant smile brought a wish; a wish to be her man, the one that holds her hand, kisses her, embraces her. With such a strong wish he had no other choice but to try and get her number and ask her out. He went to speak to her brother, ask him for her phone number, and then wrote an honest message. It was as much an invitation as a declaration. Judita, although at first a bit reserved, agreed to go out on a date with him. And Gorazd planned it so perfectly, meeting her at the lake of Kočevje (he knew it then already :)) and giving her a yellow flower, that their story began then and there. And it still lasts. And very soon they will declare their eternal love for each other on exact same spot.

They chose the lake of Kočevje to be their venue of the engagement photo shoot as well. There we walked, talked about the wedding, searched for the best morning light. It was a beautiful morning stroll that ended with us rollerblading which was so much fun indeed. And I just love it when couples bring something of their own to diversify the photo shoot. I find it very exciting. It is such a pleasure working and taking photos when it is obvious that the couples themselves wish for the shoot to be really “theirs”.

They also changed their clothes which I absolutely love and believe is great because it allowed us to get a variety of amazing portraits in just about an hour. The morning colors were beautiful, from the washed-out to the warmer one. And I adore every single shade :).

I absolutely love the last two photographs because they capture exactly what love is made of; a wish, a longing for love, the eternal promise, and fidelity. Oooh, love! :) If you wish to see more, click on the slideshow or here for a larger format. I wish you all a very lovely day :).


Lake Bohinj, Engagement: Katarina + Mitja

It was a students’ night out in Ljubljana. Loud music resounded from the speakers and stroboscopes were flashing bright colors in the bar. Since Mitja has just bought a new camera he took it with him and photographed the party at the club. With all the bustle going on he, nevertheless, saw her, and music went quiet, the lights weren’t so bright anymore, and he knew he had to capture that moment. The moment he perhaps already then knew was ‘the one’. He asked her if he can take a picture of the two of them, just like that. They saw each other a few more times throughout the night and when the clock stroke two he knew he had to do something; to make the second first step. He had to make some sort of connection so it wouldn’t just stay a memory captured on the film. So he went to speak to her one more time, and asked her if she rollerblades. And she though to herself who is this guy who asks you at two in the morning if you rollerblade. Well, the answer was the one.

They have been together for seven years now and they are an amazing couple, and still very much in love. They chose Bohinj for their engagement photo shoot and I believe they couldn’t have picked a better location because they both love nature and walking around. I am very much looking forward to their Saturday :).

You look amazing!

This is what it is all about fun, keeping it real and being simply gorgeous.

It was a lovely afternoon at Lake Bohinj. Thank you for your company, fresh apricots and all the other treats. If you wish to see more photos watch the slideshow or click here for a larger format.

The trial wedding make-up was done by Anja Skok.


Kostanjevica na Krki, wedding: Alenka + Simon

That hot summer day began at Alenka‘s place where her bridesmaids were already waiting to help her with the dress and last corrections. The house was full of people, with children running around, home-made food on the tables, and a garden which was the spot where Alenka and Simon’s wedding began. Before Simon’s arrival I photographed all the details that Alenka had prepared and they were all so beautifully connected in green shades. They represented the color which is so dear to both of them because it is the color of nature which is very important to both. I also got a chance to look at her wedding diary where she had all the ideas neatly stored. I loved it :).

After all the false brides, the real one finally arrived and it wasn’t long before the bridesmaids already raised their glasses and Simon began dancing with Alenka. The photo below was taken by Matej while I was photographing the dance from afar.

After the short socializing we left for Kostanjevica na Krki where they had their civil ceremony. It was very special and new for me as well because just before the arrival of the couple all the lights in the castle were switched off and they were escorted only by neon light. It was very impressive.

The kiss in the photo above was taken by Matej and I just love it. It is the kind of kiss that is loving, passionate, and for ever. And I am so grateful it was captured. After the civil ceremony we left for Podbočje where they had the church wedding.

After the wedding, guests congratulated the couple and we left for a short walk looking for the perfect light. I just love the photos below because they carry so much easiness and honesty. It was a great experience photographing them and, Alenka, you look absolutely beautiful.

What followed was the unofficial part, the party, which was filled with various happenings. I will share only three events: the underlying theme of details, their dance, and the cutting of the cake.

It was really difficult to choose such a small number of photos. It was a very warm and loving wedding, and it was beautiful seeing so many tears of joy. Alenka and Simon, thank you for the honor of letting me be your wedding photographer, thank you for letting me be such an important part, welcoming me, and creating a wonderful memory for me as well. I wish you all the best. And to everyone else, I wish you a lovely day as well :).

Make-up: Alenka, the bride
Hair: Bride’s mother
Flowers: florist Darja, Podbočje
Bride’s wedding dress: Poročni kotiček
Biride’s shoes: Graceland
Groom’s dress: H&M
Rings: zlatarna Mirage
Decoration: Bride’s ideas in florist Darja
Cake: a relative Mojca
Civil ceremony: Grad Kostanjevica na Krki
Party: Meadow glade in Krakov forest with tents Petre
Catering: Pivnica Apolon, Krško